Grown from Fenland Choppers manufacturing experience is a whole new parts business.

It made sense to expand and offer a totally seperate service. Now anyone building a custom bike can source the best parts from the best aftermarket suppliers. You don't have to buy a frame to benefit from our knowledge on what fits and works.

Due to the extensive range of products and so many suppliers. We have put a link to each one's catalogue below giving a brief description of what they offer.

How this works is easy. Go to the suppliers website, choose which section you want; eg- Front forks. Choose what part number of part you want and it will tell you cost and availablity. Make a note of the supplier and part number, email your part no(s) and we will process the quote with a total inc delivery and once you have agreed we will order the parts and send them out. Simple !!

If you need any help in navigating to the section you need, Please email us and we will point you in the right direction.